Summer Coding Camp – Advanced Level

Summer Coding Camp – Advanced Level

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(Camp fee: $150.00/week + Book & materials: $15.00)

Morning Camp 9:00 – 12:00 Weeks 6/4 – 6/8  6/11 – 6/15  6/18 – 6/22  6/25 – 6/29  7/30 – 8/3

This camp is geared to ANYONE who is interested in starting in Web Development. It starts with the basics and methodically goes to a fair amount of depth on each of the subjects. Most importantly, it allows the students to follow a real-world project with a real client from beginning of talking to the customer to fully coding their website. The portion on Javascript does require you to be at least familiar with some programming concepts like looping, variable storage, etc. But, no worries, we will help them to build up more and more through different camps.

Website is a way to communicate who you are to the world. Internet is very important these days since everyone needs to have a presence on it. This JavaScript Programming and Web Design for Kids coding camp will bring you to the amazing world of how to design websites.
JavaScript is a programming language that lets you make development to your web page on the fly. In this camp, we will learn JavaScript programming concept – statements, variables, expressions, loops, functions and objects, all building blocks for every JavaScript programming.
We will introduce HTML5 /CSS3, and will focus on how to implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, store data using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to and create well-structured web site and application. Each student will be able to design and publish their own website when finished the JavaScript and Web Design camp.

Phone: (800) 292 7768
PLANO, TX 75094
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