Why Rock Coder Academy

. Our program is focused and targeted on building strong foundational computer science concept which is structured in different levels.

. Our Cutting-edge curriculum is based on latest software to build cool projects. Such projects are very interesting for kids and teens.Programming Languages used are Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and scratch etc.

. Our program follow the software development life cycle which is followed by major IT technology industry, let young learner understand the concepts of programming from their early years.

. Children love games and are always keen to build their own games. Games are an incredible way to teach many computer science concepts and programming skills. Playing other people’s videos, games, and coding is fun, but designing your own application will challenge the skill that will let you make your own fun.Game Development is an important part of our curriculum.

. Our program are specifically designed to open students’ minds to the world of technology. Project engaging computer activities divided by grade level with hands-on learning and instruction in a fun supportive environment.

. Our classes have been directed by computer science specialists, using the latest programming technologies with IT industry experts.

. In addition to that, we want to use learning code as a stepping stone, learning how to critical think. By training kids to think logically using coding skills, they will realize that teamwork is necessary to reach a final goal.



Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talks about computer coding

Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age.
Programming can change the world.

Phone: (800) 292 7768
PLANO, TX 75094
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